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2013 Articles
April 2013 - Sock Report
April 2013 - Innovative Powder Coating Tech Session
April 2013 - Her Majesty's Auto Service Tech Session
May 2013 - Start Your Engines!
May 2013 - Xtreme Revist
June 2013 - Fit 'N' Stitich Tech Session
June 2013 - Cruise Nights are for Cruising
July 2013 - BMCNE & Alfa Romeo Jamestown to Newport Rallye
July 2013 - Cruising Through Summer
July 2013 - Meet a member - Ruth and Lenny Silva
August 2013 - Summer In Motion
August 2013 - Strawberry Pancake Fly-In Tour
August 2013 - BMCNE Pizza Night 2013
August 2013 - BMCNE Annual Cookout
September 2013 - Summer Cruising
September 2013 - Meet a member - Paul LeBlanc
September 2013 - Cruising Friday Nights: The Ice Cream Machine
September 2013 - British Car Gathering
November 2013 - Tour Around Narragansett
November 2013 - The Lone Star 8
November 2013 - Lucas is Contagious
November 2013 - Meet a member - Ken Smith
November 2013 - Lucas is Contagious
December 2013 - 2013 Wrap-Up
December 2013 - Holiday Discount
December 2013 - Meet a member - Bob Stahlbush

As a BMCNE member we would like to get to know you better. We ask that you to fill out the # questions below, the plan will be to run at least one “get to know a member” article per month in our news letter. We will also place them onto our website as a link to the “members cars” section. Please submit the answers to the questions below, or feel free to write a story about you and your British cars. We would like to get to know you better. Thank you for participating!

Please include a photo of you with your car(s). We will place these photos on www.bmcne.org and run them within the newsletter.

Do you have any stories about British cars that you would like to share? Yes — Plenty!

When and/or why did you first develop your interest in British cars?In 1967 I drove a friends MGB to Horseneck Beach while our families gathered for a beach day – I was hooked.<

What was your first encounter with a British car? My Dad owned a 1952 TD that he used as a daily driver — this was in 1956 or '57.

What was the first British car that you owned? 1965 MGB (pull handle) in 1974.

Where did you first see / buy it? In the classified ads

What is your fondest memory of it? It was a daily driver and I remember replacing the head gasket one winter weekend so I could work on Monday.

Whatever became of it (sell it, junk it, still have it)? Sold it for $450 when I bought my house in North Providence.

How many British cars have you owned? 4

How many do you currently own? 3

Do you work on your British car(s) or do you have a trusted mechanic? A little of both

What has maintained your interest in British cars? As I get older the cars become a rarity – especially the TR3. They are simple to repair and a blast to drive.

When and why did you join BMCNE? 1963 after going to C.A. Ripley's Sport Car Shop in Attleboro – it was later brought by Bill Mack and moved to Bristol.

What would you like to see BMCNE doing more of (tech sessions, cruises, dinners, etc.)? Tech and cruises and tours.

What is the best thing about being a BMCNE member? Camaraderie, advice, commiserating, and sharing

What is your favorite activity with your British car (certain drive, cruise, dinner, etc.)? The tour to Richmond Airport and Lighthouse tours.

Bob Stahlbush

Bob Stahlbush with his MGB, Triumph TR-3, Jaguar XJ6, BSA Lightning and BSA Thunderbolt.