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British Motorcars of New England By-Laws

Article 1: Name

The name of the club shall be British Motorcars, FTR (Fun to Ride), LTD., of New England, USA (a/k/a BMCNE). The club is organized under the laws of the State of Rhode Island as a non-profit corporation. The principal office shall be at the residence of the president or at such location as the president may direct.


Article II: Mission Statement

SECTION 1. Purpose
Recognizing that the preservation of British cars is worthwhile and that many of these classic cars remain affordable for the average citizen, it is the mission of the BMCNE to provide services to and share knowledge with individuals and organizations who recognize that core belief.

In addressing this mission BMCNE will:

  1. 1. Develop and share information about the preservation, safety, mechanical and technical characteristics of British cars;
  2. Conduct events and programs of interest to British car owners;
  3. Assist those who are involved in the presentation of multi-marque exhibits and related programs;
  4. Assist in the professional development of person(s) interested in working on and/or preserving these cars;
  5. Foster ethical standards and effective business practices in vehicle services and repairs, particularly for those who offer services to British cars;
  6. Advocate on behalf of BMCNE members to provide a higher profile and identity for British car owners;
  7. Encourage diversity of vehicle ownership and of membership;
  8. Promote activities which contribute to the preservation of British marques;
  9. Develop special events to publicize the benefits of British car ownership and extend the frontier of BMCNE’s marketplace; and
  10. Encourage British car owners to practice vehicle safety and consistent vehicle maintenance.


SECTION 2. Badge
The BMCNE badge shall be circular in form, inscribed with the name British Motorcars, FTR, LTD and the name of the founding area, New England, USA.


SECTION 3. Newsletter
The official publication shall be called “The British Marque Car Club News”, to be published eleven (11) times a year on a monthly basis except for the December/January issue; and shall be distributed as part of the dues structure, to all registered members, as specified in Article 3, Section 3. The British Marque Car Club News shall be used to disseminate information to registered members of the BMCNE. Electronic notification will also be maintained and disseminated via email as events require.


Article III: Dues – Membership – Privileges

Fees and annual dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Regular membership dues are due and payable in June or may be paid during the year as the President may direct. Membership will be deemed to have lapsed and privileges terminated if dues are not paid by June 30 of a given year. Any new member joining BMCNE after March of a given year will be considered a member in good standing with all the privileges of the club through June 30 of the next calendar year. Any new members joining BMCNE between September 30 and February 28 (29 in a leap year) will be expected to renew their membership in June. All Honorary and Life members shall have their annual dues automatically waived.


SECTION 2. Membership
Any British Motorcar owner or enthusiast shall, upon application and payment of dues and fees as determined by the Board, become a registered member. Both Individual and Family Memberships shall be available. Both members over the age of eighteen with a Family Membership shall be considered registered members. Children of members who are under 18 years of age shall have the same privileges as the registered member(s), except that they shall be considered non-voting members. Written correspondence and other material needing to be mailed shall be sent to the one primary membership address listed on the membership form. New members of BMCNE, upon payment of membership dues, are entitled to receive a membership card, club decal, club newsletter and a dash plaque. All members in good standing with the club are privileged to vote on any issue in any election.


SECTION 3. Privileges
Any registered member in good standing shall enjoy all the privileges of the Club, which include the right to vote at any membership meeting, receipt of all Club publications, attendance at all events and meets, membership discounts, use of the loaner library, and participation in all other Club activities.


SECTION 4. Club Funds
All Club funds shall be used solely for Club functions and activities, or donated to a charitable organization as determined by vote of the membership. Any individual who for good reason advances funds on behalf of the club may be reimbursed by presenting anyreceipt(s) to the Treasurer. Expenditures over $100.00 will require approval of the membership. All funds received in the Club name shall be immediately turned in to the Treasurer.


Article IV: Officers and Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of four (4) members; the Current President, the immediate Past President, and two members in good standing who shall be elected by the membership. The official term of office for each Director shall be one (1) year. The Office of President shall have a term limit of three (3) consecutive years, which may be extended by vote of the Board.  Directors shall hold office until the expiration of the term for which each was elected and a successor has been duly installed in said office, or until they no longer hold the position to which they were elected for reason of resignation or removal from office for cause.


The elective officers shall be President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Chair, and Communications Chair. The membership shall elect the officers at the Annual Meeting at the expiration of the term for which each was elected to said office or until they no longer hold the position to which they were elected for reason of resignation or removal from office for cause.


The President shall be the presiding Officer of the Club. The President shall act as Chairperson of the Directors, and shall call meetings of the Officers or Directors whenever he/she deems it necessary. The President may be a member of any committee at his/her own choosing. The President shall appoint all committee chairpersons, with the approval of the Officers. The President may appoint at least two members to act as interpreters of Robert’s Rules of Order during the monthly meetings.


The Vice-President shall fill the vacancy of the position of any absent officer and shall perform the standard duties of that office. If a vacancy occurs in the office of the Vice-President, an interim Vice-President shall be appointed by the President, with the approval of the Officers.


The Treasurer shall receive all monies due to the Club, and pay all bills approved by the Officers in the name of the Club. The Treasurer shall make a detailed report of all receipts and disbursements at each regular monthly club meeting and at such other times as the Officers may request.


The Secretary shall maintain all correspondence and have charge of all documents belonging to the Club. The Secretary’s Report may include, at the Secretary’s discretion, the report of the Treasurer, number of members and guests present at each meeting, all business transactions and all standard items and accounts expected in a Secretary’s report. The Secretary’s reports are read and approved by motion at the next monthly meeting when there is no exception from a registered member.


The Membership Chair shall maintain all membership records and applications. The membership chairperson shall order/distribute all membership cards, club decals and dash plaques to new members. The Membership chairperson shall also maintain club newsletter mailing lists.


The Communications Chair, Webmaster and Newsletter Editor shall maintain communications with club members by disseminating information via email, electronic newsletter and social media outlets, and shall be responsible for public relations communications. Communications include notification of upcoming events, meetings and gatherings.The Webmaster shall maintain the Club website, known as bmcne.org. The Club owns the domain bmcne.org. The Web Master will also maintain the Club e-mail address, which is communications@bmcne.org, and any other e-mail addresses owned by the Club. The Web Master is appointed by the club officers. The Newsletter Editor shall maintain the electronic newsletter, and is appointed by the club officers.


In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of President, the unexpired term shall be filled by the Vice-President. In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of Vice-President the Board of Directors shall appoint a Director to fill the unexpired term. In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of Director, the unexpired term shall be filled by a vote of the membership.


ARTICLE V: Committees and Appointees
The following shall be standing committees and appointees:


(a) Tour Committee: It shall be the duty of the committee to organize, plan, and direct all tours sponsored by the Club. with the approval of the officers. The Tour Chair is chosen by the committee members.

(b) Election Chairman: It shall be the duty of the Election Chairman to oversee the elections of Officers as described in Article V of these By-Laws. The Election Chairman may form a Nomination Committee, members of which shall not be an Officers or a candidate for office, to assist in gathering nominations for Officers. The Election Chairman shall be appointed by the Officers.

(c) Tech Session Committee: It shall be the duty of the Tech Session Committee to organize, plan and direct all tech sessions sponsored by the Club The Tech Session Committee is appointed by the President with the approval of the membership.

A quorum shall be defined as at least seven (7) members.


Article VII: Meetings
There shall be an annual meeting of the Club in the month of January of each year or as agreed upon by the Officers, and there shall be regular monthly meetings, February through November. Regular meetings shall be conducted on the last Tuesday of the month. Special meetings may be called by the Directors and/or a majority of the Officers whenever deemed necessary. All members shall be notified of all meetings by the Club newsletter, emails and website.


All By-Laws are to be adhered to. Amendments to these By-Laws may be introduced by any registered member in good standing who submits an amendment in writing to the Secretary of the Club. Amendment(s) shall be discussed/reviewed by the membership and approved by motion at a monthly meeting. Amendments cannot be approved at the same meeting in which they were originally introduced. Amendments approved by a majority vote shall be effective with approval of the Minutes of the Meeting in the following month, and shall thereafter be published at the BMCNE website.


ARTICLE IX: Dissolution
In the event that no meeting of the Club is held for twelve (12) consecutive months, the Club shall be considered dissolved and the most recent Directors shall meet and designate that all properties and assets of the Club shall be distributed equally to registered members as of the day of the last known meeting (considered the day of dissolution).